Winners Don’t let FAILURE stop them from achieveing what they want in life.

Hello beautiful people am back again,today will talk about FAILURE..Life is what you make it.No matter what,you are going to mess up sometimes its universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you are going to mess it up. Just because you failed once does not mean you are going to fail at everything Hey keep on trying hold and always,believe in yourself because if you don’t who will? get out of your comfort zone if its that talent or gift you have get up and show the world what u got.. Success does not just come like pap no way..The path to success is full of so many storms,ups and down,the feeling to give up but there is always light ath the end of te tunnel. Just because you did not succeed in whatever you were doing that does not mean that u are a failure,no you are a winner and winners don’t let FAILURE stop them from achieveing their dreams and goals.. Here is a short clip about failure from  a friend of mine. He talks about failure and success.. Hope this will be of help to you. Am Mercy Kate Wanjiku for more of this follow my blog and comment on it would love to hear your feedback. Thank you.


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I am a student at Mount Kenya University Nakuru Campus pursuing journalism and mass media. Am fashion blogger and motivational speaker.I give motivational talks and inspiration words that re-energize you in life and move on despite the challenges you face..I help you come out as a winner than you were before.And also update you in the world of fashion.

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