Think positively about yourself

I am Mercy Kate Wanjiku and welcome to my blog.. Today am going to give you some inspirational words that will re-energize you, refill you and make you feel different than before. Think positively about yourself, never think negatively about yourself. Its okay people will call you all sort of names, criticize you, some will even tell you that you cant make it that you are useless fine but one thing I can tell you never let those words stick to your mind. Remember it all starts with the mind if you let those hurting words stick to your mind, my friend you will fail you wont be happy, you will always have regrets and it will reach   a point you want to take away your life all because you let those words stick to your mind. Come on think positively about yourself, you came to this world alone God never created a useless person. He created you with a purpose, gave u talent and gifts to use. Remember you are unique don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Think positively about yourself, you are more than a conqueror, you are a winner, all you have to do is believe in yourself. You know youself, you know what u want in life. God never created you by mistake, He never created a failure ,he never created a useless person. He created a winner, a successful person, he created someone who never gives up, He created someone who thinks positively about himself or herself. If you think positively about yourself my friend am telling you you will do amazing things in your life. Your mindset is going to change, you will be strong no matter what comes your way, you will be able to overcome them through God’s help and trust me, you will come out as a winner. My dear friends don’t let those negative words stick to your mind. If you really want to be happy and successful change the way you think about yourself, believe in yourself. Don’t care what people say about you, as long as u know you ding the right thing, God will always be by your side and help you. So THINK POSITIVELY ABOUT YOURSELF… For more of this follow my blog and will be giving you more and more of this. Thank You


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I am a student at Mount Kenya University Nakuru Campus pursuing journalism and mass media. Am fashion blogger and motivational speaker.I give motivational talks and inspiration words that re-energize you in life and move on despite the challenges you face..I help you come out as a winner than you were before.And also update you in the world of fashion.

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